Composition A by Piet Mondriaan

Framing situations in the Dutch Language
NWO Vrije Competitie Geesteswetenschappen (2019-2023) 

Language plays a central role in framing, as we daily choose which nouns and verbs describe or frame a given situation. For some languages, researchers created databases (called FrameNets) containing rich collections of conceptual schemas (frames) that describe situations from a certain perspective. These frames are connected to words and sentences that express them. Several lexical resources exist for Dutch, but no FrameNet. Moreover, we have limited knowledge of the variation of framing in Dutch and how this compares to other languages. 

The project’s objectives are:

  • to create a unique data set where similar situations are framed by many different sources and texts using a newly developed data-to-text method;
  • to capture the variation in framing these situations in Dutch and other languages;
  • to capture semantic-pragmatic factors underlying the usage of different frames for similar situations, and
  • to develop semantic frame and role annotation software.